Hi Everyone,

I know I have not been here for a while…it is mainly because I did not have internet at home…and I had to move out so there was a lot going on.

This week (finally) I could manage to paint and here is the result:

Once my boyfriend came home with a canvas, what is actually linen and I tried to paint on it this week. It was fantastic! I like it more than canvas made from cotton.

I painted with acrylic paint, the brand is Daler-Rowney (I can recommend it). Painting with it on linen is a dream. I could blend and mix colours on it easily and somehow the feeling of painting has changed… I felt like if I painted with oil. The paint slided nicely and evenly.

The original picture that inspired me is this:


I found it in Vogue, cut it out and scanned it, edited it in Photoshop:

edited pic TG-yoyomiyoko

Here you can see the process (find me on Instagram):





TG1 - detail1 Yoyo Miyoko



TG1 - detail4 Yoyo Miyoko


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Peace! <3