To be honest with you, I didn’t know too much about linen. I didn’t know the difference between linen and cotton canvas and I didn’t know why linen is more expensive than a canvas made of cotton.

I was not really curious about it until my boyfriend brought a canvas (linen) home. He is so sweet and it made me so happy but only half year later I tried to paint on it.

And wow…I don’t know if you agree with me or not but from now on I will buy only linen.

Linen with acrylic paint:

I use only acrylic on canvas ( I tried to paint with oil many years ago,but so far acrylic is the one and only ) so I can’t speak about how oil is good on linen or not. Painting on linen with acrylic is a dream… it is like painting with oil on cotton canvas ( interesting isn’t it? ). My brushes were floating on the surface and I could easily blend the colours on the canvas. I can show you the difference:

Acrylic on cotton canvas:


Acrylic on linen:

TG1 - blogra magyar Yoyo Miyoko

/if you would like to see this painting of mine, just click here –> TG1

I hope you can feel the difference. On cotton I could hardly make a nice and smooth surface, meanwhile on linen I could do that and paint evenly.


So far I only tried this one and I am very satisfied with it:

Winsor & Newton – 100% Linen, Deep Edge


I usually get it from London Graphic Centre ( Covent Garden )

You can order from Winsor&Newton on Amazon ( they deliver only within the UK ):

Linen Deep Edge 50x50cm <-- click here to check their products