Konnichiwa Everyone : )

I have started a new illustration series about Japanese street fashion. I am a big fan of crazy fashion styles, although my appearance is rather simple, I love making illustration of unique dresses and people.

Japan is an endless source of inspiration for me… also I fell in love with painting female portraits so making a series about Japanese street fashion won’t surprise any of my friends, who knows me. Hope so… ; )

My plan is to make as much as portraits as possible of Lolitas, Cyberpunks, Mori Girls and so on…

Unfortunately I don’t live in Japan and when I have been there I have not taken photos of people enough to get the inspiration for my illustrations…well I just look for some nice photos in Google.

I have already finished two portraits, both of them are inspired by the fashion of Harajuku.

( If you never heard about Harajuku before, please read this article about it: Harajuku )

Here we are, Tokyo Girl 1:

TokyoGirl - Yoyo Miyoko 2015

Watercolour (Daler – Rowney) and Photoshop

Shall we work together? Email me: yoyo@yoyomiyoko.com

Tokyo Girl 2:

TG2 Yoyo Miyoko