Well, Halloween’s already gone but I still wish to share an illustration related to that.

I was – and still – amazed by Japanese people… Thousands were celebrating Halloween on the streets of Tokyo. Shibuya was particularly crowded with the most amazing costumes and people could celebrate with the singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu together.



– more photos here on Tokyo Fashion

So, I was already shocked by the fact, how many people celebrates Halloween there and how… although I was not shocked when I read, that the crowd were cleaning up by themselves! There were several cleaning brigades hired by clubs and other business as well, but people were cleaning up after themselves, too. Somehow I knew it happened liked that, even if I only spent a week in Tokyo last year and an other one this year, I could imagine people cleaning up after partying. Japanese people, you rule <3

I wanted to make an illustration for Halloween, but I postpone it as there was an art competition I had to prepare to.

Also the picture I used for my illustration is from last year, but never mind… : D I love that photo and it inspired me a lot. So, here it comes, Tokyo Girl 3:

jpgTG3-Shibuya Halloween




If you wish to know more about this crazy Halloween event and check a video about it, click here: Tokyo Fashion .

More about the cleaning process: Japan Times

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