When I first saw ‘Louis Vuitton’ and right next to it ‘Final Fantasy’ in the same sentence, I smiled…and hoped that it is going to be good. Really good.

First of all, I am kind of a Japan fan… I love keeping up with otaku, kawaii and other Japanese subcultures. Checking Japanese artworks and fashion is already a daily habit of mine.

To be honest I haven’t played with Final Fantasy yet, and I think I never will. For me not the game, but the fact that Nicolas Ghesquiere /Louis Vuitton’s art director/ asked Tetsuya Nomura /video game artist and director of Square Enix/ to dress up Lightning for Louis Vuitton’s 2016 spring-summer campaign… hmm… is far more interesting.

This is not the first time, when LV is working with a Japanese artist. Takashi Murakami and Yayomi Kusama were also taking part in some of their projects. By the way, the famous LV pattern is inspired by Japanese and other oriental motives… oh I love Louis.

So let’s talk about Lightning a little bit. She is pretty famous anyway, but did you know that it is not her debut in the fashion world? Prada also worked with her and other characters from Final Fantasy. That was the 2012 spring-summer menswear collection. Yes, no, I didn’t make a mistake here. Lightning looked awesome as a guy, believe me.

The other /alive/ face of this campaign is Fernanda Hin Lin Ly. Shorter version: Fernanda Ly. Nice. Beautiful. Australian fashion model with Chinese origin. Her agent sent her portfolio /that time she has already got pink hair/ to Nicolas Ghesquiere and voila… got the job obviously /maybe not obviously, but you know how I mean/. 

The result is so cool. Simple, elegant and enough. There is nothing in the background, just the fashionista Lightning herself. Pictures and video from Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Instagram account: 

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A photo posted by (@nicolasghesquiere) on

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Fernanda Ly

#fernanda @warukatta ©thestreetfashion5xpro by #stefanosoletti 8359

Foto – Stefano Coletti

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