…and it is finally here! My new illustration. It is a self initiated work, represents my feelings, my passion and shows my busy life here in London. I am trying to draw and paint as much as I can in my free time, meanwhile full time working as a teacher. With this illustration I want to show people, that passion is something they should follow, which would lead to a happier, colourful and brighter future.

I started drawing the girl in the middle, who represents me, and then the flowers around her, which are my favourites. Later on I hid the letters among the flowers and drew several objects on the side, which represent my current life. I then draw the outlines with an archival ink and painted the whole picture using watercolour. Then I scanned my painting and edited the colours, modified the lights and shadows little bit in Photoshop.

I have submitted this work to The world illustration awards 2016! Wish me luck : ) and click on the picture to a larger view!

SMALL FollowYourPassion - Yoyo Miyoko

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