Happy Children’s day every day! Universal Children’s Day takes place annually on the 20th of November. For this occasion, I made two illustrations. You can share and repost any of those anywhere, but you are not allowed to make any changes on them. To find and download more version of my illustrations, please visit my Facebook page and find the illustrations in my folder.



A little explanation of the illustrations:

The idea behind these three hands is to illustrate how the members of the family support each other. For me family means unconditional love, respect and support. I need to feel, that I can rely on my loved one. She/he does not necessarily need to be blood related to me. She/he can be my friend or husband.

The little blue hand represents the child of the family. I chose the colour blue and not for example orange (if you mix red and yellow you get orange) because all children are unique and have their own personality even though they inherit lots of things from their parents.

The illustrations with the text “You’ve got the whole world in your hands” means to me that parents hold the next generation/new world and their whole world in their hands.

Universal Children’s Day:

Unicef launched a short stories week to mark the agency 70’s anniversary. More than 200 writers took part in “tiny stories” to highlight Children’s Day. I am not a writer but still I wish every child to achieve their dreams.

Thank you!

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