There was an open call by DrawADot and it has just ended not so long ago. It was about Valentino’s MIME bag collection and I chose a beautiful red one:


I was so inspired by the theme of the open call and of course by the bags, therefore, I have made two illustrations but only one I could submit.

So here it is:

Valentino MIME - DrawADot open call - Yoyo Miyoko

About my artwork a little bit:

Size: A/4

Materials: watercolour on acrylic paper (yes, on acrylic paper, and it is not bad at all)

Watercolour is from Daler Rowney / you can get exactly the same set, what I have, from Amazon (cheaper then I have bought 3 years ago) I am totally satisfied with the paints and as I said, I have them for 3 years already… and I only run out of black and blue this month! and I am painting a lot!! so I think it is a great deal : ) /

Acrylic paper is from Fabriano / Pittura, cold pressed

Edited in Photoshop of course… <3

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and the winner of this open call: Maria Solias