changing eating habit. I realised (many times already) that I feel tired and “heavy” after eating pasta, bread and other yammi stuff with full of gluten.

I am not in that lucky situation (yet) when I can afford healthier gluten free foods everyday. I mean, if I want to eat some bread or pasta, the non gluten version of them are so expensive.

You can ask: Why don’t you make your own bread? or cakes…

Me: Because I am currently that busy or/and I do not have enough space (only a kitchenette which is hell small and so uncomfortable to use).

But sometimes I try my best and I make some nice gluten and diary free sweets.

So…after Christmas I am just eating and eating all day long, especially in the evening as dinner is my favourite… I have gained plus 3kg. I was 53kg last year winter and now I am… by the way I am 163cm tall. Okay okay, I am not that chubby but I do not feel myself comfortable and I would like to eat more gluten free stuff from now on. Gluten just makes me bloated and gives me nausea sometimes. (alright, I am not a doctor, but I am experimenting with this so I am sure that gluten (and sometimes cow milk, too) is not a good thing for me.


This is my weight today. Terrible… (no, no, I am not unhappy with my figure, I just feel continuously bloated, sick and tired)

So today I went for running. Running for shopping in Morrisons. I love Morrisons : )


Haha, thats me in the middle. Still okay, before running : ) my shoes, little bit tired and dirty but I still love them.


and this is my result. yeay!! I felt so good meanwhile running… listening to my fav songs, running in the sunshine, watching the nature around me… amazing!


Lime, yamm! I put some slices of lime into mineral water and drunk all hahahahahah : ) felt so good. And some Colombian coffee with gluten free almond cake… of course I had a proper breakfast: gluten free bread+ham+cheese+tomato+pepper.

Hopefully I am going to keep this running and eating gluten free stuff for a while… Happy tomorrow!