Japanese Chopstick Etiquette

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Kaki-bashi: shoveling food

Saguri-bashi: stirring soup trying to find something yummy

Sashi-bashi: picking up food […]

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Koi with Lotus

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This is my newest illustration and hopefully it will be a series :) […]

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Speed drawing video of my Dior illustration

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Check out my speed drawing video of my Dior drawing : ) if […]

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Dior makeup illustration

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Hi, this is a Dior inspired self-initiated work. I used polychromos from Faber-Castell […]

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Video of how I draw Bjork

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… is on my Youtube channel:

Feel free to write me if you have […]

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Comme Des Garcons Autumn/Winter Ready To Wear 2016

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This is a personal illustration of Comme Des Garcons AW16 collection. The whole […]

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New drawing! Portrait of Kozue Akimoto

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Hi everyone, this is my newest drawing. Inspired by a Japanese fashion model, […]

Valentino inspired Elizabethan portrait 2

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Here is my second painting inspired by Valentino Elizabethan collection: 


Some details:

Thank you!

Feel free […]

Illustration of Katana

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Hi folks,
This is my newest illustration and this is about one of the […]

Portrait of Ravenna

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Inspired by Ravenna from Snow White.


Paper: Kraft Scrapbook from Paperchase

Paint: System3 acrylic paint […]

Portrait of Matthew Pitt

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This illustration is self-initiated. Inspired by Rick Owens Fall 2016 Menswear and Matthew […]

Portrait of Palvin Barbara

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Hi everyone, I hope you are having an amazing week!Hopefully the weather will […]

Armani’s new perfume, Acqua di Gioia

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I was looking for some inspiration and I found Armani’s new perfume, Acqua […]

Spring Flowers

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This is a spring inspired illustration, personal work. Tulips, magnolias and crocuses : […]

Edith Cushing – Crimson Peak illustration

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Mia Wasikowska inspired personal illustration. She played Edith Cushing in Crimson Peak, check […]

Another Shiseido illustration : )

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Shiseido’s Ever Bloom illustration, personal work.

Materials I used:

paper: Kraft scrapbook from Paperchase

paint: System3 […]

Shiseido inspired illustration

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Hi everyone, this is a personal work, inspired by Shiseido and Sui He, […]

Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Yeay, so I have just finished my new self-initiated illustration. I found a […]

Follow your passion!

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…and it is finally here! My new illustration. It is a self initiated […]

Alexander McQueen and The Snakes

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Finally it’s here… finally I could upload it, I mean finally I could […]